Custom designed to do the Job

The Powerwincher electric winch handle was designed after extensive research and development by a team of experienced sailors and engineers to bring you a superb custom designed winch winder.

Most sailboats use winches for a variety of purposes, not just to haul sheets and hoist sails. Powerwincher will enable everyone to get involved in the normal running of the boat, irrespective of strength, age or gender.

Whatever your age or physical strength, Powerwincher will enable you to handle some of the harder jobs demanded by a sailing boat. It will spin a winch longer and faster than even a healthy young crew member, but with complete control.

A Powerwincher will “electrify” all the winches on your boat, for a fraction of the cost of converting a manual winch to electric. It can also be used on mast winches, where electrifying the winch is impossible.

You can transfer your Powerwincher investment from boat to boat, unlike some of the expensive equipment you fitted and will leave for a new owner.

The Powerwincher has been designed to use with off the shelf and interchangeable batteries available in almost every country, unlike other electric winch handles.